About Me


“I can easily declare, Sangeet is at the coalface, the cutting edge of these developmental make-up techniques. He is very much part of the vanguard. He has the quiet re-assuring skill of a surgeon, the camaraderie that makes an early morning Make-Up van sing, and he’s prodigiously fast and accurate.” – Geoffrey Rush, actor.


“We loved this special masterclass from Sangeet, who is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and interesting experts we have hosted so far.” – Delamar Academy, London




From Hackney in east London, I must have wanted to do FX when I was 11 (the subject of my first essay written at secondary school!), and I spent most of my childhood making models and costumes from kits and scrap and faking injuries to get out of playground fights…


My sixth-form Art teacher inspired me hugely and taught me about the core skill set of painting, sculpting and mould-making the human form. Graduating from model-making school in 2001, I continued working as an architectural model-maker and a prop/costume-maker for a few years whilst continuing to self-teach makeup effects and its history.


I worked on my first pro major prosthetics project in 2005 with Millennium FX, and shortly after connected with the late Dick Smith and his Advanced Makeup Course, in which my contact with him rounded me off as an artist.


Today I run selected projects from my personal studio as well as freelance for some of the top effects companies and production houses in the industry.












 I have created a product line to provide pro-standard tools and equipment. These are backed up with a channel of video tutorials, explaining how to use my products, as well as general makeup techniques.

Although prepared for professional makeup artists, beginners, enthusiasts and instructors alike will find these kits change their approach to prosthetic makeup. Incorporating cutting-edge processes, and the initial line of trauma flat mould kits are now available to buy from my shop.


With my apprentice Lori MacGregor at a convention, 2017